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Olle Blomberg

Postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Subjectivity Research, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen. Member of the interdisciplinary Metaphysics and Collectivity Research Group, Department of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Lund University. Research Areas: Philosophy of mind and action, philosophy of cognitive science and social science, empirical work on joint action and social cognition.
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Tom Crowther

Associate professor at University of Warwick. Research Areas: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, and Aristotle. Particular interests include philosophy of perception and metaphysics of mass and stuff.
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Laura Danón

Professor of Philosophy at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina. Research Areas: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Animal Cognition.

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Naomi Eilan

Professor of Philosophy at Warwick University and Director of the Warwick Mind and Action Research Centre. She currently co-directs a Leverhulme/British Academy project on The Second Person and is President of the European Society of Philosphy and Psychology. She has a longstanding interest in issues that lie at the intersection of philosophy of mind, metaphysics and psychology.

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Guy Longworth

Professor of Philosophy and Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning at University of Warwick. Research Areas: Testimonial knowledge transmission, the nature of knowledge of language and linguistic understanding, the nature of first person thoughts.

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Johannes Roessler

Associate Professor, University of Warwick. Research Areas: Philosophy of mind and action and epistemology, specifically perceptual knowledge, self-knowledge, rational explanation.

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Sebastian Rödl

Professor of Philosophy at Universität Leipzig. Research Areas: Philosophy of mind and language, theory of knowledge, moral philosophy, theory of action.

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Abe Roth

Associate Professor at The Ohio State University. Research Areas: Philosophy of action and mind, with a focus on shared agency.

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Carolina Scotto

Ordinary Professor of Philosophy, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina. Research Areas: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Psychology.